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Lockheed 10 & 12


Welcome to the Lockheed 10 Electra and 12 Electra Junior survivors page. This list was created to show pictures of surviving 10s, of which 149 were built, and 12s, of which 130 were built. A brief history of each aircraft is featured with the photos below. If you can provide more information and pictures please email us.

Special thanks to Gilles Auliard, Andrew Boehly, Roger Cain, Steven Dickey, James Kightly, William Larkins, Cayla McLeod, Graham Orphan, Joe Shepherd, Les Whittlesey and the photographers noted below.

Lockheed 10


S/N 1011, N4963C – Originally delivered to Northwest Airlines as NC14260. USAAF 42-56638 1942-1944. On display Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona.


S/N 1015, N72GT – Originally delivered to Northwest Airlines as NC14900. USAAF 42-57213 1942-1944. Aircraft used by Linda Finch to trace Earhart flight on the 60th Anniversary of the historic flight. Hangared in New Mexico in 2010. Returned to full flying status and flown to Califorina in 2011. Donated to the Seattle Museum of flight. Now on display in Seattle


S/N 1026, N38BB – Originally delivered to Braniff Airways as NC14937. Stored with Fred Patterson in California as a project. Group formed to purchase and restore. 


S/N 1037, NC5171N – Originally delivered to Eastern Airlines as NC14959. On display at the Science Museum, London.


S/N 1042, NR1602D – Grace McGuire’s 1935 Lockheed Electra L-10E is the only 10E survivor of 15 built. Picture taken at Wings Over Gillespie Air Show June 2011. Moved to Atchison, Kansas to the Atchison Amelia Earhart Foundation.


S/N 1052, N57573 – Delivered to US Navy. On display New England Air Museum in Northwest Airlines markings.


S/N 1091, N241M – Originally registered as NC17380. Flew with the RCAF 7656. Owned by Doc Almand of Texas from 1974-2010. Sold to overseas museum in 2010. Restored Wichita Air Services. Based near Prague and flown as OK-CTB.


S/N 1107, VH-UZO – Yesterdays Air Force, Sydney, Australia – on loan to Australia Museum of Flight.


S/N 1112, CF-TCA – Originally delivered to Trans-Canada airlines. Flew with RCAF as 1526. In 1967 flown around the world on 30th anniversary Amelia Earhart flight by Ann Pellegreno. Currently with National Aviation Museum, Ontario, Canada.


S/N 1116, C-FTCC – Originally delivered to Trans-Canada Airlines. CF-TCC was one of the first six airplanes purchased by Trans-Canada Airlines. Restored in 1987. Fall of 2022 Air Canada donated to Royal Aviation Museum of Western, Canada.


S/N 1130 – Originally registered as VH-ABV in Australia. Restored and on display at Naval Aviation Museum, Pensicola, Florida.


S/N 1138 – Originally delivered as NC21735 with Standard Oil. 1957 sold to New Zealand as ZK-BUT. displayed as ZK-AFD at MOTAT, Auckland, New Zealand.


S/N 1145 – Ex-Alaska model 10, N10310. Displayed for many years at Alaska museum. Now in New Zealand as ZK-AWR and being restored to to airworthy by Rob Mackley. Picture from Fall 2019. First flight after restoration January 2024.

Lockheed 12


S/N 1203, N12EJ – First registered as NC16077 to Continental Oil Co. in 1936 – became famous as G-AFTL when flown by Sidney Cotton who used it for spying on the German’s during World War Two – later owned by airshow pilot Art Scholl and flown in numerous movies – Doc Savage, Amelia Earhart, Spencer’s Pilots, The Life of Howard Hughes.  Late 2019 listed for sale. March 2022 shipped to Europe and with Ultimate Warbird Flights for restoration. Returned to Sidney Cotton G-AFTL paint scheme.  (Photo by Phil Melia)


S/N 1204 – First registered to Bureau of Air Commerce in 1936 as NC17. Last flown at N71K. Derelict airframe used as scenic prop at Disney World/MGM in “Casablanca” display.


S/N 1205, N1001B – First registered as NC16079 to Continental Oil Co. in 1936. At one point is was registered to well known dealer Charles Babb. Once stored at New England Air Museum. Stored in Colorado and sold to Spirit of Flight museum in Denver for restoration in 2017. (photo via Spirit of Flight)


S/N 1208, NC2072 – First registered to H.E. Talbott & Co. in 1936 and later to Texaco. Restored to flying in 2007 with owner Joe Shepherd in Georgia. Flown in 2009 movie about Amelia Earhart titled “Amelia.” Late 2019 listed for sale. New owner Glenn Hancock. Registered to N12EX Inc. in Georgia. Summer 2024 damaged in landing accident.


S/N 1214, N16085 – First registered to Erle Halliburton in 1937 and later to R.G. LaTourneau. Stored outside for many years in Florida. Used for static shots in 2009 movie about Amelia Earhart titled “Amelia.” Current stored with owner Frank Moss in Florida.


S/N 1219 – CF-CCT on display at the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


S/N 1222, N18125 (was CF-LKD) – First registered to Varney Air Transport in 1937 then Continental Airlines. With RCAF as 7837. Later Texaco and Noble Drilling. Sold by Colgate Darden to Peter Ramm of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Restored to flying condition and returned to flying status 2011. Listed for sale Spring 2016. Sold Summer 2020 to Ariel Luedi.


S/N 1224, N100JT – Previous registration N112PB – First registered to Standard Oil Co. as NC17379. Shot and hit by German submarine during attack on oil refinery in Aruba in 1942. At one point it was seized by creditors and resold. Registered to Turrell Trading. In restoration since Summer 2012. Flyable in the Summer of 2022.


S/N 1226, NC18130 – First registered to F.C. Hall. Carried NR18130 to fly in the Cleveland Air Races in 1937. Later flown by Milo Burchman to 5th place in the Bendix Transcontinental Speed Dash. Imported from France (F-BUIE) to U.S. in 2007. Airframe polished and refreshed. Based for a few years near Seattle, WA. Purchased by Art Deco Aviation in Germany in 2019 and flown to Germany. (photo by Philipp Prinzing)


S/N 1227, N1108 – Flown with the US Navy used by Naval Attache in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sat outside Santa Paula, CA for many years. Flown to Georgia and tear down started. Sold and will move to Texas for restoration.


S/N 1229, NC18137 – First registered to Varney Air Transport in 1937 then Continental Airlines. Flown with TWA and Texaco. Currently owned by Electra LLC and based in CA with Ruth Richter whos father was one of the founders of TWA and flew NC18137.  Visit Paul Richter TWA Legend for more on NC18137.


S/N 1236, VHABH – Based in Australia. Flown as “Silver City” with Ross Smith.


S/N 1239, N33RA – First registered as XB-ABW. Registered to Richard Warden, Canby, OR


S/N 1250, NC18097 – First registered as NC18970 to Phillips Petroleum Co. in 1938. Flew with USAAF as UC-40D 42-66386. Previously owned by the Blankenburg’s of Pine Mountain Lake, California from 1986-2009. Restored in 2009-2011 and now flying with Dave Marco. Based in Florida.


S/N 1252, N14999 – First registered as NC18996 to Continental Oil Co. in 1938. To be restored for Confederate Air Force in San Marcos, Texas. Project sold to and restored to flying by Patrick Donovan. Based in New Zealand from 2003-2010, then back to U.S. Sold 2018 to Luc Hellings in Belgium.


S/N 1257, N93R – First registered to USAAF C-40A 38-540. Currently owned and flown by Yanks Air Museum, Chino, California. Summer 2024 severely damaged in takeoff accident.


S/N 1262 – First registered to USAAF C-40A 38-545. Later NC48741 with Pure Oil Co. To Australia in 1982. Based in Australia as VH-HID. Restored and flown for many years with Doug Hamilton. Summer 2022 sold to Robert Broek. (photo Nigel Hickman)


S/N 1271, NC17399 – First registered to Phillips Petroleum Co. in 1939. Registered to Roy Mabee, Anaheim, CA. Stored in Chino, California.


S/N 1275, VH-BHH – in storage at Australia Museum of Flight (formally NC18977, USAAF 42-38348, RAF LA623)


S/N 1277, N18906 – First registered to Nevada Development Co. 1940. Later USAAF UC-40D 42-38349 and to RAF as LA621. 1960 registered in France as F-BFUD. Returned to US in 1984. Currently owned by Les Whittlesey and based in Chino, California. Flyable again after restoration in Summer 2006. Grand Champion Antique, Oshkosh 2006. Paul Garber Trophy, Reno 2006.


S/N 1280, N4001 -First registered to Cities Svce Oil Co. 1940. Last registered to Mann Ent. in Warrenton, VA. Reported to be under restoration Summer 2012. Sold at auction in 2021 with no logbooks. Registered to Richard Walters, Boyce, VA.


S/N 1281, N2633 – First registered to Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. 1940. Flown as YVAVF in Venezuela 1944. Returned to US in 1968. Restored and flown by Perras Brothers based in Vermont.


S/N 1286, NC25628 – First registered to Humble Oil & Refining Co. 1940. Owned by John O’Keefe in Washington for many years. Sold to new owner 2021. Damaged in landing accident.


S/N 1287 – First registered as NC33615 to Sky Kraft Corp. 1941. Flown by Sidney Cotton as G-AGTL 1945. Register in 1963 as F-BJJY in France. Now flies as F-AZLL. Flown in 2009 movie about Amelia Earhart titled “Amelia.”


S/N 1292, N4249A – First flown with NACA as NACA-99 in 1941. Photo from Ray Walker when in storage in Texas. Sold for restoration project but damaged in the move. Parts being used to support restoration of s/n 1227.


S/N 1294, N33650 – First flown with Continental Oil Co. 1941. Restored in 1992 in Florida. Stored in Texas for many years. Recently refurbished and returned to flight by Air Cav Helicopters of Midland, Texas.


S/N 1306 – Delivered 6 February 1942 to Netherlands East Indies Govt. as L2-38. Status unknown.


S/N 1308 – First flown as L2-40 with Netherlands East Indies Government. Status unknown.


S/N 1313 – First flown as L2-44. Stored in Stockholm. (Photo by Jon Wickenden)

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Airlines, private owners, corporations and government agencies in the United States and nearly a dozen foreign countries are flying these advanced all metal bimotor transport and executive airplanes – the famous Lockheed Electra Transport and the companion Lockheed 12 executive model.

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