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Welcome to the Spartan Executive page. Have you wondered how many of these vintage airplanes have survived the test of time? Who cares for these aviation treasures? What is their current condition? Where are they based? Here you will find pictures of the Spartan Seven series and a brief history of each aircraft. 34 production 7Ws were built, 20 complete airframes survive and about 12 are in flyable condition. If you can provide more information and pictures please email us.

For the owner who seeks “INDIVIDUALITY” – Recognized in the airports of the world as the most distinguished of all private planes, the SPARTAN “Executive” is the fulfillment of everything the discriminating man looks for in personal transportation: the exciting beauty of thoroughbred design… the luxury of ultra smart custom-built interiors… the security of an all metal masterpiece equipped with every refinement that adds to performance and safety… flying ease that amazes even veteran airman! The more exacting your demands, the more you owe it to yourself to investigate the “Executive.”


7W-2, NC13993 – Built 11/30/1936. First sold to A.D. Olson Drilling Co. of OK. Was impressed into USAAF service from 1942-44. The only Executive with stick controls. Sitting and not flown. On static display at Pioneer Airport, Oshkosh, WI – this is not the original Mrs. Mennen (S/N 34 is the real one) but is painted as Mrs. Mennen.


7W-10, NC17605 – Built 11/1/1937. Remained in company inventory for over a year then sold to Bodine Drilling Co. of KS. Flown by Arlene Davis in 1939 Bendix Trophy at 196 MPH! AAF serial number 42-68361 worn during war time service. Registered to James Turrell, Flagstaff, Arizona.


7W-6, NC17601 (N2LL) – Built 4/30/1937. First sold to Lee Drilling Co. of OK. Registered to John Okeefe in Washington state. Maintained in flying condition. Flown to Airventure 2016.


7W-7, NC17602 – Built 5/30/1937. Originally sold/loaned for use in President Roosevelt’s 1937 Infantile Paralysis campaign, named “New Hope.” Later sold to Claude Drilling Co. of OK. Crashed landed in Alaska 1944. Stored outside for many years at museum in Anchorage. Moved to inside storage.


7W-11, N20200 – Built 9/7/1937. Sold to Halliburton in Duncan, OK. AAF serial number 42-43846 worn during war time service. Restored and flown by Steve Marini of California for many years. Damaged in landing accident in July 2016. In storage with Robert Buzzell, Madison, WI.


7W-12, NC17613 – Built 11/15/1937. Sold first to American Manufacturing Co. of TX. AAF serial number 42-38265 worn during war time service. Registered to Sterling Aviation, Lexington, Kentucky.  Flown regularly and displayed at Airventure 2018. Sold to new owner in Europe in Fall 2020. Flying with Art Deco Aviation.


7W-13, NC13PH (NC17614) – Built 11/14/1937. First sold to Standard Oil Co. of OH. AAF serial number 42-38269 worn during war time service. Registered to Thomas “Pat” Hartness of Greenville, SC. Based at Triple Tree Aerodrome in SC. Flown to Oshkosh Airventure airshow in 2021.


7W-14, NC17615 (N49075, 111PB, N22PJ) – Built 2/15/1938. Retained by the factory until purchased by A.J. Olson in 1940. Seen in John Wayne movie “Overland Stage Raiders.”  AAF serial number 42-38368 worn during war time service. Restored (in 1995) to grey/grey trim paint scheme. Owned by Nigel Pickard, registered to Aircraft Preservation. Based in England (also owns s/n 21).


7W-15, NC17616 (NC236, N836) – Built 3/30/1938. Sold to Condor Petroleum Co. in TX. Reportedly flown by a number of famous pilots, including Howard Hughes. Flown by the CAA in 1943 in the Washington D.C. area. AAF serial number 42-57515 worn during war time service. Was restored by Ken and Lorraine Morris of Poplar Grove, Illinois.  Based in Oshkosh for several years. Displayed at Airventure 2016. Flown to Europe Summer 2020. Owned by Boris and Iriana Efmkin, based in Moscow, Russia.


7W-16, N17617 – Built 4/30/1938. Sold to Seismograph Service Co. in OK. Later flown in California at the Polaris Flight Academy. Then transfer to Royal Canadian Air Force S/N KD101 based in Dorval. Registered to Don Lindholm, Morning Sun, IA. Being repaired from landing accident in July 2018.


7W-17, NC17634 (NC17630, KD102, N1MJ, NC17667) – Built 2/22/1939. Initially sold to Claude Drilling Co. of OK. Flown with the RAF in Canada as KD102 during the war years. Current owners are Jim and Anita Savage based in Butler, PA. Flown on a regular basis and is an Oshkosh award winner.


7W-18, N4444 (NC17631, N3LL) – Built 3/22/1939. AAF serial number 42-38267 worn during war time service. Owned by Cournoyer estate in St. Louis. Under long term restoration to fly. Slowly getting close to flyable. Photo by Will Kientz Summer 2020.


7W-21, NC17633 – Built 7/29/1939. First sold to Red Rock Glycerin Co. of TX. Named “The Rocket.” AAF serial number 42-38367 worn during war time service. Summer 2008 flown to new owner, Nigel Pickard (Registered to Aircraft Preservation) in England (also owns s/n 14).


7W-22, NC17659 – Built 2/23/1940. First sold to Standard Oil Company of Ohio. Later damaged and burned when engine failed during take-off at Hawthorne, CA in 1974. Then fully restored by same owners in California. Owned by Edgar Newberg of Hector, MN.


7W-25, N47W (NC17656) – Built 10/31/1939. First sold to Luziers of MS. AAF serial number 42-38288 worn during war time service. Owned and flown by Paul Mantz from 1945-1950.  After long term restoration in CT, sold in 2017 to Sebastien Mazzuchetti of France.


7W-26, N5053 (NC17657, N46481) – Built 11/2/1939. First sold to Iowa newspaper, the Des Moines Register and Tribune. Named “Good News VII.” AAF serial number 42-38266 worn during war time service. Currently owned by Bobby Lett of Dallas.


7W-27, NC17658 – Built 12/14/1939. First sold to Thompson Equipment in 1940. Owned for many years by Wayne Duncan, Athol, Idaho. Sold Summer 2022 to new owner and flown to new base.


7W-28, NC17662 – Built 3/7/1940. Kept by Spartan as company transport until 1968. Restored by Ron Tarrson in 2004-2005. Purchased in early 2016 by Steve Marini  (former owner of NC20200). Flown from Airventure 2018 to new owner, Mid America Flight Museum, in Texas.


7W-30, NC17664 (N97DC) – Built 4/24/1940. First sold to aircraft dealer. AAF serial number 42-38369 worn during war time service. Currently owned and flown by Burton Bucher of Waukegan, Illinois. Painted in Texaco colors.


7W-31, NC17665 (NC46426) – Built 5/17/1940. First sold to B.K. Douglas of NY. AAF serial number 42-38287 worn during war time service. Owned and flown by Gigi Brisson for many years. Sold to Walt Bowe Summer 2021.


7W-34, N34SE (NC17668, N668MD, N1667D) – Built 9/9/1940. Last Executive built. First sold to Texaco in 1940 for use in NY area. Flown as Mrs. Mennen twice in its life when owned by the Mennen family. Registered to Claire Aviation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


NX21962 – Related to the Executive is the Spartan Model 12. Restored and static with museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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You notice it at every airport, the moment a Spartan makes its appearance – a stir of interest, an air of enthusiasm… Novice joins expert in admiring the trim grace and proud beauty of a true aristocrat.

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